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PluginClass Namespace Reference

Namespace for plugin class related classes. More...


class  ClassDescC
 Plugin Class Descriptor class. More...

class  ClassIdC
 Plugin Class ID. More...

struct  DLLClassS
class  DllInterfaceC
 DLLInterface class. More...

class  FactoryC
 Plugin class factory class. More...

class  SuperClassIdC
 Plugin super class ID. More...


typedef PajaTypes::int32(* GetClassdescCountF )()
typedef ClassDescC *(* GetClassdescF )(PajaTypes::int32)
typedef PajaTypes::int32(* GetApiVersionF )()
typedef char *(* GetDllNameF )()


enum  ClassTypesE {
 Plugin types. More...


const SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_INTERNAL = SuperClassIdC( 0x0000001 )
 Super class ID for internal use.

const SuperClassIdC NULL_SUPERCLASS = SuperClassIdC( 0x0000000 )
 NULL super class ID. (not implemented).

const ClassIdC NULL_CLASSID = ClassIdC( 0, 0 )
 NULL class ID.

const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_EFFECT = PluginClass::SuperClassIdC( 0x1000000 )
 The effect super class ID.

const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_IMPORT = PluginClass::SuperClassIdC( 0x2000000 )
 The importable super class ID.

const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_IMAGE = PluginClass::SuperClassIdC( 0x2000001 )
 The importable super class ID.

Detailed Description

Namespace for plugin class related classes.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ClassTypesE

Plugin types.

Enumeration values:
CLASS_TYPE_EFFECT  Effect plugin.
CLASS_TYPE_FILEIMPORT  File import plugin.
CLASS_TYPE_DEVICEDRIVER  Device driver plugin.
CLASS_TYPE_FILEPROCEDURAL  Procedural file plugin.
CLASS_TYPE_INTERNAL  Internal plugin (won't show in any lists).

Variable Documentation

const ClassIdC NULL_CLASSID = ClassIdC( 0, 0 )

NULL class ID.

const SuperClassIdC NULL_SUPERCLASS = SuperClassIdC( 0x0000000 )

NULL super class ID. (not implemented).

const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_EFFECT = PluginClass::SuperClassIdC( 0x1000000 )

The effect super class ID.

Every effect should return CLASS_EFFECT as super class.

const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_IMAGE = PluginClass::SuperClassIdC( 0x2000001 )

The importable super class ID.

Every importer should return SUPERCLASS_IMAGE as super class if it implements the ImportableImageI interface.

const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_IMPORT = PluginClass::SuperClassIdC( 0x2000000 )

The importable super class ID.

Every importer should return SUPERCLASS_IMPORT as super class if it only implements the ImportableI interface.

const SuperClassIdC SUPERCLASS_INTERNAL = SuperClassIdC( 0x0000001 )

Super class ID for internal use.

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