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Edit Namespace Reference

The Edit namespace. More...


class  DataBlockI
 Plugin data interface. More...

struct  DiscardableS
class  EditableI
 Editable interface. More...

class  UndoC
 Undo object class. More...


enum  DiscardableTypeE { DATA_REMOVED = 1, DATA_CREATED = 2 }
 Flags for add_discardable_data(). More...

Detailed Description

The Edit namespace.

The classes collected into the Edit namespace are very closely related to the internal undo-system of Demopaja. The classes range from the actual undo object to the basic data objects. which are handled by the undo system.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum DiscardableTypeE

Flags for add_discardable_data().

Enumeration values:
DATA_REMOVED  The discardable data has been removed.
DATA_CREATED  The discardable data has been created.

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