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ImportInterfaceC Class Reference

Import interface class. More...

#include <ImportInterfaceC.h>

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Public Methods

 ImportInterfaceC (PajaSystem::DeviceContextC *pContext, PajaSystem::TimeContextC *pTimeContext, FileListC *pFileList, PluginClass::FactoryC *pFactory, Import::FileHandleC *pCaller)
 Default constructor (used internally).

virtual ~ImportInterfaceC ()
 Default destructor (used internally).

virtual FileHandleCrequest_import (const char *szName, const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC &rSuperFilter, const PluginClass::ClassIdC &rClassFilter)
 Imports requested file.

virtual void initialize_importable (Import::ImportableI *pImp, PajaTypes::uint32 ui32Reason)
 Used internally.

virtual FileListCget_filelist ()
 Returns pointer to the file list.

virtual void add_search_directory (const char *szDir)
 Adds search directory.

virtual void add_common_dialog (PajaSystem::CommonDialogI *pDlg)
 Adds new common dialog to list.

virtual PajaSystem::CommonDialogIget_common_dialog (const PluginClass::ClassIdC &rClassID)
 Gets a common dialog based on the class ID.

Detailed Description

Import interface class.

Import interface class is a tool class for importers. It's purpose is to enable the importers to import other files during the load. For example, a 3D file importer can request the interface to import it's textures.

This class is implemented by the system.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImportInterfaceC PajaSystem::DeviceContextC   pContext,
PajaSystem::TimeContextC   pTimeContext,
FileListC   pFileList,
PluginClass::FactoryC   pFactory,
Import::FileHandleC   pCaller

Default constructor (used internally).

virtual ~ImportInterfaceC   [virtual]

Default destructor (used internally).

Member Function Documentation

virtual void add_common_dialog PajaSystem::CommonDialogI   pDlg [virtual]

Adds new common dialog to list.

virtual void add_search_directory const char *    szDir [virtual]

Adds search directory.

When the request import is called, the file is first tried to load from the given path. If it's not found, then the file is tried to load from each search directory.

virtual PajaSystem::CommonDialogI* get_common_dialog const PluginClass::ClassIdC   rClassID [virtual]

Gets a common dialog based on the class ID.

virtual FileListC* get_filelist   [virtual]

Returns pointer to the file list.

virtual void initialize_importable Import::ImportableI   pImp,
PajaTypes::uint32    ui32Reason

Used internally.

virtual FileHandleC* request_import const char *    szName,
const PluginClass::SuperClassIdC   rSuperFilter,
const PluginClass::ClassIdC   rClassFilter

Imports requested file.

Request a import for a specified file. File importer filters can be used range the number of possible importers which could match the file extension.

For example if it is known that the file must be image, SUPERCLASS_IMAGE could be passed as the rSuperFilter argument.

If a filter (class Id of super class ID) isn't used NULL_CLASSID or NULL_SUPERCLASS should be passed as argument.


            // Request import for a image.
            FileHandleC*    pHandle = m_pImpInterface->request_import( szFileName, SUPERCLASS_IMAGE, NULL_CLASSID );

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