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Moppi Demopaja Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AutoGizmoCAuto gizmo class
BBox2CBounding box class
ClassDescCPlugin Class Descriptor class
ClassIdCPlugin Class ID
ColorCRGBA color class
ColorCommonDialogCColor Dialog Class
CommonDialogICommon Dialog Base Class
ControllerCValue controller class
DataBlockIPlugin data interface
DecomposeAffineCDecomposes a matrix into affine parts
DeviceContextCDevice context class
DeviceFeedbackCDevice Feedback class
DeviceInterfaceIDevice interface
DllInterfaceCDLLInterface class
EditableIEditable interface
EffectIThe effect interface
FactoryCPlugin class factory class
FileHandleCFile handle class
FileKeyCFile Keyframe class for controller
FileListCFile list class
FloatKeyCFloat Keyframe class for controller
GizmoIGizmo interface
GraphicsBufferIGraphics buffer class
GraphicsDeviceIGraphics device class
GraphicsViewportIDevice interface for graphics viewport
GUIDrawInterfaceIGUI Draw Interface
ImageResampleCImage Resampler class
ImportableIImportable file interface
ImportableImageIImportable image interface
ImportInterfaceCImport interface class
KeyCKeyframe class for controller
LayerCComposition Layer class
LoadCDemopaja input stream
Matrix2C2x3 matrix class
Matrix3C3x4 matrix class
OpenGLBufferCOpenGL graphics buffer class
OpenGLViewportCDevice interface for OpenGL
ParamColorCColor parameter class
ParamFileCFile parameter class
ParamFloatCFloat parameter class
ParamIParameter class
ParamIntCInteger parameter class
ParamTextCText parameter class
ParamVector2C2D vector parameter class
ParamVector3C3D vector parameter class
QuatCQuaternion class
SaveCDemopaja output stream
SceneCComposition scene class
SuperClassIdCPlugin super class ID
TimeContextCTime context class
TimeSegmentCTime segment class
UndoCUndo object class
Vector2C2D Vector class
Vector3C3D vector class

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